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Greetings, folks!

I've been working with AWS for a while, now, and the command line tools have matured a lot.  Thanks to the AWS developers who created the awesome, java-based, tools that come with the Amazon AMI.  I'll admit, they are pretty handy, when I'm on the command line.  So, what's the problem? Why create a lightweight perl module to do essentially the same thing as the AWS tools?

Well, here's my answer...

  1. The java tools are expensive to run.  Since they're built in java, they naturally have the heavy startup time...I wanted to eliminate that.
  2. I want a module that I can extend.  I've not seen the source for the java tools, I don't want to, either.  :-)

What did I do?

I found a great little perl script by Tim Kay,, but that script is not modular, uses curl, and does a lot of extra things that i did not need.  I want a perl module that does just enough to send a properly formatted query to the AWS api, and just return the result, without using any external programs, like curl.

Hey, where can I get this cool, lightweight, AWS::Client::Tiny module?

Right now, the module is useful, so, I'm putting it on github, for anyone who wants to use it.  One caveat, I've only tested the use of querying ec2 using the "DescribeXXX" methods, and that seems to work pretty well.

What's next?

  1. Create a script that will login to an ec2 instance by querying the instances to determine the key and public dns based on the tag name.

    For example, $ dsh "My Instance" -- this would query aws with the filter -tag-value="My Instance" and then would use that data to ssh into that instance.

  2. Add Simple Email Service, SES, support, so I can send emails.

If you would like to see anything else, or you created a nice script that you would like to contribute, please tell me!


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